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New Resident Process

What you need to do:

Within 24 hours of a new resident’s arrival, we’ll need the following information from you:

  • GMS1 or GMS3 form, completed in full. Forms available in our downloads area.
  • Care home assessment form, completed in full
  • Covid-19 maintenance booster / annual flu vaccination consent form
  • MAR Chart, to support full structured medication review
  • Copy of LPOA – Health & Welfare if held
  • Copy of discharge summary if patient is arriving from hospital
  • Medical summary from own GP practice, if patient is temporary resident from out of area

General Administration email [email protected]

What you can expect from us:

If these forms are completed on time, within 7-14 days of your new resident’s arrival you can expect the following from us as your service provider:

  • New Resident Review
  • Structured Medication Review with a Pharmacist booked within 2-4 weeks
  • Advanced Care Planning discussion


If you require a visit from a member of our team, please contact your designated practice with the following:

  • Same Day Urgent Request – Request for Care forms/PATCHES to be sent to practice ASAP with appropriate observations, reasons for visit request, name of team member requesting visit, most appropriate contact number.
  • Routine Weekly Ward Round – Weekly Ward Round form to be emailed day before the scheduled ward round with reason for review, name of team member requesting review and most appropriate contact number. This form should be accessible to all appropriate team members throughout the week prior to ward round. All residents should be listed. If no review is required, NO CONCERNS should be clearly noted. Following best practice, all residents’ observations should be forwarded monthly.
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