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About Us

Working together for Patients

Healthier West Wirral PCN is a Network of 7 GP practices formed to undertake activities for the local patient population which they could not provide individually

Our Mission

Healthier West Wirral Primary Care Network aims to improve and enhance patient health, their primary care journey and experience, by working closely as a group and with the wider health care system. To encourage a resilient and sustainable local primary care system, with a focus on the right care, at the right time, by the right person.

Our Values

Trust is key

We earn the trust placed in us by insisting on quality and striving to get the basics right every time. We know trust is about communication, that’s why we follow through on our commitments aiming for consistency in our approach.

Working smart

We understand the importance of running efficiently; when we waste resources we waste others’ opportunities. We focus on making smart decisions to improve effectiveness, through good processes, management, and governance we can deliver an effective organisation.

Patient First

We strive to improve health and well-being of the communities we serve. We value individuals and the care we deliver to them. We ensure the needs of patients and communities are put before organisational boundaries.

Integrity and honesty

We are honest about our point of view and what we can and cannot do. We work together with openness to share best practice and ways of working because we know this benefits the organisation.

Healthier West Wirral PCN

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